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EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA will support Russian exporters in Kazakhstan

EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC(part of the REC Group) is ready to help Russian exporters enter the markets of Kazakhstan. This is about the potential deals concluded with the use of trade financing, guarantees, and syndicated credits.

This intention was announced by Azer Talibov, Chairman of the Board of EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA during his business trip to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“This is another step in expanding business ties between the two countries and increasing exports of Russian goods. EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA is ready to provide a full range of financial services aimed at ensuring the availability of financial resources for Russian exporters in Kazakhstan. This is another step in building a comprehensive system of support measures,” Azer Talibov said.

During the business trip to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the delegation of the REC Group headed by Veronika Nikishina, General Director of REC JSC, held a meeting with the management of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan. Among other things, the parties discussed the cooperation on joint projects with trade financing.

“Being the largest bank in the country, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan may become a reliable partner in joint projects on financing foreign trade contracts of Russian exporters with Kazakhstani counterparties. We and Halyk Bank have confirmed our mutual interest in developing cooperation and hope to move on to the practical implementation of the agreements in the near future,” Veronika Nikishina, General Director of REC JSC.


EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC (part of the REC Group (VEB.RF)) was established in 1994 to improve financing, lending, guaranteeing and insuring mechanisms for foreign economic transactions, as well as improving the structure of the foreign trade turnover of the Russian Federation.

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC is a leading financial group in Kazakhstan operating in various segments. The bank is listed on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Astana International Exchange. As of June 30, 202, its assets amounted to 11,002.4 billion tenge.