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EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA closed its first deal with Azerbaijani PASHA Bank

EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC closed the first deal with Azerbaijani PASHA Bank, having provided financing against insurance coverage by EXIAR JSC for settlements under the export contract between Russian RM Rail and Alliance Logistics. Within the framework of this contract, 100 box freight cars of 11-1268 model by Ruzkhimmash JSC (part of RM Rail) were delivered to Azerbaijan.

“This was the first step in the implementation of the bank’s strategic objective to develop relationships with partners from the Republic of Azerbaijan. We hope that this successful experience will become the starting point for the next equally interesting projects. We opened the new region, which is undoubtedly interested in purchasing Russian high-tech products, and we are ready to provide comprehensive financial support to Russian companies. We would also like to thank our colleagues from PASHA Bank. This transaction has become possible due to their well-coordinated hard work,” Azer Talibov, Chairman of the Board of EXIMBANK O RUSSIA JSC.

“Successfully implemented project on the financing of the company from the real sector confirms our active position in supporting the development of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan. Focusing on the best practices and possessing the vast expertise in various industries, we are ready to continue to actively support Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, including in the implementation of export-import transactions with partners from neighboring countries and far abroad. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I would like to thank all the participants in the transaction, as well as our colleagues from EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, whose professionalism has facilitated the successful implementation of the project,” Taleh Kazimov, Chairman of the Board of PASHA Bank.

“We would like to thank our partners for this project. For our company, it was of strategic importance both in terms of further development of partnership with EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA and in terms of expanding the supply geography. The Azerbaijani market is of great interest to us in terms of the sale of various types of rolling stock. We hope that further cooperation will be associated with the supply of specialized tanks, ” Alexander Kulikov, General Director of TD RM Rail.

"Alliance Logistics thanks colleagues from EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, EXIAR and PASHA Bank for their support in the implementation of the project and high professionalism demonstrated in the process of preparing and implementing the transaction,” Natiq Heydarov, Executive Director of Alliance Logistics.


RM Rail is the Russian integrated manufacturer of freight rolling stock. Its product line includes over 80 certified car models, including tank cars, hoppers, gondola cars, box cars, platforms, dump cars, etc. The company’s facilities consists of an engineering center, a developed production base, a casting workshop, and a rolling stock repair and maintenance business. In addition to cars, the company manufactures petrochemical equipment, cargo containers, vertical steel tanks, block-frame modules.

Alliance Logistics is a logistics company that implements the largest transport projects in Azerbaijan.

EXIAR JSC and EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC are part of the REC Group, which is part of VEB.RF. The REC Group and VEB.RF are actively involved in achieving the goals of the International Cooperation and Export national project, according to which it is necessary to development of export competitiveness during the next 10 years by achieving a 70% increase in the volume of non-resource non-energy exports by 2030.