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The corporate outline of the REC Group formulates the mission and values that are common to all companies, forming the image and principles of the REC Group's activities as a unique structure that promotes the development of Russian non-resource non-energy exports to ensure the welfare of society. At the same time, the implementation of the main strategic priorities of ROSEXIMBANK JSC is carried out in such a way as to complement, but not duplicate, the work of other organizations of the REC Group.


Mission of the REC Group: "We believe that there are no borders for Russian goods and services. We increase the welfare of society by opening up the opportunities of global markets for every Russian company."

The main objective of the activity of ROSEXIMBANK JSC is to promote the implementation of the state foreign economic policy and increase the competitiveness of Russian business in international markets through the provision of comprehensive tools for credit and guarantee support for exports in coordination with REC Group companies, state institutions and commercial players both in the Russian Federation and abroad.


The values of the REC Group and ROSEXIMBANK JSC are aimed at the realization of their mission, reflect the approach to work within the Group's companies and lay the necessary foundation for the creation and support of exports:

  • We are a team of professionals passionate about exporting.

  • We set standards and are constantly evolving.

  • We make the complex - simple and export - "in one click".

  • We integrate the capabilities of state institutions and businesses in the interests of exports.

  • The result of our work is successful exporters.


The functions of the Bank as an institute for the development of the Russian Federation implementing export support measures are enshrined in Federal Law No. 164-FZ of 08.12.2003 (as amended on 01.05.2019) "On the Basics of State Regulation of foreign trade activities":

  • Providing financial, guarantee and other support to Russian exporters and investors in foreign assets, as well as their counterparties and partners, including credit institutions.

  • Ensuring the fulfillment of obligations of Russian exporters, their foreign counterparties and partners in export transactions, including by issuing bank guarantees, concluding surety agreements and other means.

  • Implementation of other activities in order to support exports.

Strategic objectives

As part of the current strategic cycle, ROSEXIMBANK JSC, as part of the REC Group, will continue to implement the goal of developing exports in Russia, including increasing the number of companies, as well as increasing the total volume of exports.

JSC ROSEXIMBANK together with JSC EXIAR are aimed at providing financial support primarily to existing exporters, which has a predominant impact on achieving the goal in terms of supported exports.

JSC ROSEXIMBANK provides a wide range of credit and guarantee support products that allow exporters to enter international markets and increase export volumes. In order to ensure the relevance and demand for the financial services provided and taking into account the trends in the development of the product offer of commercial banks, ROSEXIMBANK JSC is engaged in the continuous development and improvement of its own product line.

When managing the product line, ROSEXIMBANK JSC is guided by the following principles:

  • Development of customer service and customer experience in accordance with the best Russian and international practices;

  • Continuous development and improvement of the product offer;

  • Complementarity of financial and non-financial products of the REC Group to support the exporter at all stages of the life cycle;

  • Efficient distribution of export subsidies;

  • Ensuring the achievement of the bank's financial and non-financial goals.

In May 2021, the Bank's Board of Directors approved the Development Strategy of ROSEXIMBANK JSC until 2026 and for the future 2030.

The business development of ROSEXIMBANK JSC in the new strategic cycle will be expressed in the growth of indicators characterizing its activities as a development institution (the volume of exports supported, the volume of assets, the volume of the loan and guarantee portfolio) while maintaining the stability of financial indicators characterizing its success as a commercial bank (ROE, CIR, CoR, NIM, etc.).