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Direct Credit to Bank of Foreign Buyer

If your foreign buyer requires additional resources to pay for your goods or servies, Eximbank of Russia can offer the required sum to your partner's crediting bank abroad.

The issuance of financing of credit is simple and depends on the following conditions being fulfilled:

  • The debtor is a foreign bank of the buyer or purchaser of non-commodity goods or services of a Russian company
  • The portion of the export from Russia (the cost of commodities, materials, manufactured parts, labor and services, produced on Russian territory) must be at least 30% of the overall value of your export contract

We will offer you financing:

  • of up to 100% of the value of the contract minus the down payment and/or 100% of the insurance commission according to the policy of the Insurance Agency EXIAR
  • In rubles (RUB) or another currency specified in the contract
  • For up to 10 years

The issuance of credit can be secured according to the insurance contract signed between the Insurance Agency EXIAR and Eximbank of Russia.

The debtor can use the borrowed sum only to pay for the goods or services delivered according to the contract and to pay the insurance premium specified in the agreement of export insurance.

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Enter the HS code to check the possibility of credit arrangement:
The entered code corresponds to the non-resource product and meets the requirements of the Bank.
You can get more detailed information from our specialists by phone: +7 495 967-07-67
The entered code corresponds to the tradable commodity and does not meet the requirements of the Bank.
To specify the information please contact the specialist by phone: +7 495 967-07-67
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